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Perekrestok RUB 500 Virtual Card (Russia)

Perekrestok RUB 500 Virtual Card (Russia)

2000 баллов
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«Перекресток» – федеральная розничная торговая сеть, одна из первых сетей городских супермаркетов. www.perekrestok.ru Perekrestok is a federal trade chain, one of the first networks of city supermarkets. www.perekrestok.ru

The certificate is intended and can be used solely for the purchase of goods in the retail stores of Perekrestok. The certificate is valid for the bearer (not a nominal one), and any individual who has presented the Certificate can purchase goods with the help of the goods in the shops of the Perekrestok network. The certificate activation period is 2 working days. Deposit of funds to the Certificate is possible only once at the time of its acquisition. The nominal value of the Certificate is the sum of the funds deposited by the Buyer, which the holder of the Certificate can use to pay for the goods in the Perekrestok stores. To use the certificate, it must be presented in hard copy to the cashier and call the PIN-code. Gift certificate is not subject to exchange and refund. The certificate can only be used once. If the goods are selected for an amount less than the nominal value of the Certificate, the holder does not return the nominal value to the holder. If the value of the goods exceeds the denomination of the Certificate at the conclusion of the contract of retail sale, the difference between the value of the goods and the value of the Certificate is paid in cash or using payment bank cards. With the use of the Certificate, a single purchase is possible (a transaction for the payment of goods (s) in one check). When making a purchase, the denomination of the certificate is debited entirely. Refund, exchange purchased with the use of the Goods Certificate, is carried out in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation on the Protection of Consumer Rights Certificate can not be used to receive cash Telephone inquiry service 8-800-200-95-55.

x 2000 баллов