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Ozon.ru RUB 5000 e-voucher (RUSSIA)

Ozon.ru RUB 5000 e-voucher (RUSSIA)

20000 баллов
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Founded in 1998, Ozon.ru is the leading online store in Russia. With more than 950,000 unique visitors to the site daily, Ozon.ru offers the largest assortment of goods with more than 3.5 million items listed. Sales are divided between the 14 different product categories: including books & media, software, games & music, mums & kids products, sports and beauty, home & deco, antiques, and many others. www.ozon.ru

To activate your gift certificate: 1. Go to www.ozon.ru. 2. In "My OZON" select "Activate Gift Certificate". 3. Enter your code and click "Activate". 4. Sign up or login to your account. 5. You will see a confirmation once code has been accepted. 6. The value of the gift certificate will be applied to your account within 10-15 minutes.  7. You can activate up to 3 gift certificates in one day.  When you pay for goods or services at ozon.ru, you need to select Ozon account or Partial payment from Ozon account. The value of the gift certificate will be held in your account for 3 years from the date of activation of the gift certificate. http://www.ozon.ru/context/detail/id/19123309/

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