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Spafinder Wellness 365 GBP 25 Virtual Card (GEORGIA)

Spafinder Wellness 365 GBP 25 Virtual Card (GEORGIA)

10000 баллов
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Spafinder Wellness 365 GBP 25 Virtual Card (GEORGIA) Unwind, relax and renew your mind and body with a SpaFinder Wellness 365 voucher. Spafinder Wellness 365 gives you the largest range of choice of any Spa and Wellness voucher accepted at over 20,000 Day spas, Stay spas, Fitness practitioners, Yoga, Pilates worldwide. This allows you to choose the treatments, services, products and experience right for your individual wellness journey.

Please use the secure PIN number and a link to a website for accessing your eVoucher. You can then print your voucher and redeem it at the spa or wellness partner of your choice. Go to www.spafinder.co.uk to find your ideal experience. Vouchers can be used at participating SpaFinder Wellness 365 partners only. Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash. SpaFinder is not responsible for loss, theft or damage of vouchers – they cannot be replaced. SpaFinder makes no warranty regarding the goods or services received. Full terms and conditions can be seen at www.spafinder.co.uk.

x 10000 баллов